Designed for Canada
Connected APP, generate passcode remotely and share it to your visitors. Make it more convenient for friends or families who wants to entry, and no need to wait for them at home.
【Easy To Install】
​​​No need drill new holes, just change the lock body, and you'll have a smart home, specially 
【Multiple Ways To Unlock】: Advanced 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock: Fingerprint + Passcode + IC + Smartphone + Key. Set up fingerprint passcode in home, bringing you a fast & best secure recognition system. Its accuracy is up to 99.86%. Works perfect for kids and the elder. You don't worry about forgetting to bring the key/smartphone.
Enjoy your Life
Enjoy freedom from lost keys and lockouts, with the peace of mind that can only come from seamless connectivity with your smartphone for keyless entry control. Unlock your door remotely. Deliver eKeys to those you trust. Monitor lock history from the office, in a restaurant, on vacation — anywhere in the world.
Security Technology

Intelligent alarm technology

On-site, mobile and Internet alarm for abnormal unlocking, bringing 100% security.

Anti-peep and anti-trial

Scrambled password technology, anti-peep, anti-trial, safer unlocking.

Electromecha​nical conversion technology

Putting and end to the skillful unlocking by thieves, 100% eradicating unlocking with master keys.​

Wireless control

Remote wireless connection to mobile APP, Low battery consumption; Long distance effective connecting distance.

Different faces

Photo taking and video taking not allowed, able to unlock at night, able to effectively distinguish twins of different races.

Purely mechanical lock body

Anti-theft and fireproof, long service life, easy to install.

Visual intercom

165 degrees super wide viewing angle,  can remote real-time monitoring outdoor

Visual intercom Lock
 Bluetooth​​ Lock
Face recognition lock

Fingerprint lock