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Q1: What is the function of the smart door lock?

A: Support video intercom, face recognition, Bluetooth, dynamic password, fingerprint, password, mechanical key unlock, abnormal alarm and other functions, with wireless network function equipment, can achieve wireless network linkage alarm, multi-device intelligent linkage and other functions.

Q2:What steps are required before using the smart door lock?

A: 1. Scan the QR code (or application store search) to install the client through the manual; 

    2. Add the smart door lock to the network according to the instructions; 

    3. After from mobile APP you can see the smart door lock added successfully.

Q3: What if the door lock is no battery?

A: It is recommended to bring the emergency key normally. If the door lock has no power, you can use the emergency key to unlock. The emergency keyhole adopts a concealed design. Press the key cover firmly and slide it down to open. In addition, the door lock can be temporarily powered and unlocked by the mobile power source, and the emergency power interface is under the door lock, and the Micro USB specification is adopted.

Q4: What are the safety design measures for smart door locks?

A: Anti-smashing, the front panel and the door panel will touch the micro switch to alarm; anti-static function, the panel can prevent contact static 8KV, non-contact static 15KV. Anti cat eye unlock; once the password information is leaked or the key is lost, it can be deleted remotely in real time;

 Q5: How to open the door when the power is off

A: Turn and hold the key with one hand and at the same time, turn the handle towards the opening direction (simultaneous operation on the key and the handle)

 Q6: How many ways are there to start the AL ASAR face recognition lock?

A: The perfect combination of face, password and MIFAREONE allows the following modes: unlocking of the door through face, password or MIFAREONE; separate unlocking of the door by using the electronic key or the mechanical key. The mechanical key can open the door when the electronic part is not in use;

Q7:What are the reasons for failed validation of the face recognition lock?

A: 1. The card or password used has been lost or forgotten;

    2. The power is off or the battery runs out of charge and in that case, the lock cannot be started.

Q8: How is the account administration authority defined?

A: There are two levels of administration authority for the face recognition lock: regular account and administrator account.

A regular account is entitled to the unlocking of the door, but no administration of the lock,or addition, modification or deletion of users  or change of settings is permitted;

An administrator account is entitled to a full authority control on the lock, including the access to add, modify or delete users or change settings. The account may be validated with a card or password.

Q9:Are there any requirements on the door opening and closing directions for the installation of door locks?

A: The AL ASAR door lock has the four-in-one function and is thus applicable to right outward opening, right inward opening, left outward opening and left inward opening upon adjustment.