"User-centric" Service Concept
We insist on creating the core value of our users. Technology, products, design, and services are all committed to understanding, meeting user needs, and even exceeding user expectations. Being closer to the user and serving the user is the only reason for our existence and the driving force behind the company's development.
Customized intelligent solution design
The professional service team combines the actual needs and layout of users to provide users with exclusive product application solutions and designs.
Global marketing and service network system

 We are beside you
AL ASAR LOCK Visual intercom lock, face recognition lock,bluetooth lock, fingerprint locks ,RF card locks and password locks are sold throughout the world and its service outlets span across the whole country
Service hotline
Global marketing and service network system

   Understand your needs and respond timely

“0” repairing service fee within the warranty period.

   After-sales service response within 2 hours

   Removing old locks for new ones free of charge