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Face recognition lock


let you henceforth no longer to bring my keys.

It can distinguish the twins

The photo can't open the lock

At night when it is completely dark it can also identify user's face

Verification can be done by Face, Card, PIN or combinations of them.

Unit lock can register up to 10 faces. For Cards and PINs, the device can register up to 50.

Normal users can unlock the door. But they cannot manage the lock, including enrolling new user, modifying/removing existing users or change settings.

Masters have complete control over the lock. They can enroll new user, modify or remove existing users and change important settings.

Support Wifi

The lock support in darkness and bright light to recogniation face and unlock.

When the lock wihout power, Emergency you can the machince key to open door.

You also can bring 9V power pack into contact with emergency power knobs to temporarily power the lock.

Intelligent Facial Biometric Lock support same time support Standalone funciton and internet function(Optional) 



Zinc alloy +Stainless stell


2.4-inch color LCD + Touch screen


1x Infrared camera

1x Visual-ray camera

Verification speed:

≤1.2 seconds

Intelligent adaption:


Verification modes:

1:N or 1:1

Smart card reader/writer :

Type-A M1 cards are supported

Storage Capacity

face + password + card   50pcs

Unlock methods

face ,Card, password, mechanical key

Rejection rate


Search time

<1.0 second

Indicator lights :

1x red, 1x blue

Communication :


Speaker :


Real-time clock :


Working voltage :

DC4.2V ~ 12V (Current: 1.5A)

Working  humidity :

20% ~ 80% (RH)

Service life

100 Million times


English,Chinese, and Korean

Power supply

battery: 3200mahlithium battery, can use around 12months charge

once time

Continuous trouble-free working time

A continuous trouble-free working time: 25000 hours or more;

Operating voltage range


Emergency power supply

9V emergency power supply interface, voltage range 6~9V (AC and DC)

Appearance structure

Adopt international standard, 240*24 (mm) with heaven and earth bolt stainless steel Lock cylinder,Safe and reliable, the door lock body is made of zinc alloy material, which is sturdy and durable; the surface is treated with advanced electroplating technology, the color is pleasing to the eye, anti-corrosion and long life.

Lock body dimension

Outdoor lock body: L 335mm x W76mm x H86mm(thick)

Indoor lock body: . L 320mm x W80mm x H86mm(thick)

Applicable door type

Wooden door, security door, copper door, Stainless steel door

Suitable for door thickness