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AAT- D810F-V
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Visual intercom Lock 

Function features:

1.     24-hour intelligent monitoring outside the door 1.5 meters, automatic intelligent detection of photos/ video, effectively record any bad behavior at the door

2.     With 20 seconds / 30 seconds automatic alarm function, effectively deter the bad behavior;

3.     Copper-zinc alloy outer body, prying resistant design, more luxurious texture;

4.     Day and night dual security cameras for provide clear recording visitor information

5.     Infrared technology, super night vision function, see  darkest corridor;

6.     Large-view high-definition high-brightness LCD display, the visitor picture display at a glance;

7.     Stylish appearance, ultra-thin design, perfect integration into modern home life;

8.     Ultra low power consumption

9.     165 degrees super wide viewing angle,  can remote real-time monitoring outdoor

10.  Photo/Video automatically archives by date, making photos/videos "live"

11.  Support Micro-SD card storage

12.  Anti-peep function


Zinc alloy +Stainless stell

Camera pixel

0.92 megapixels

Night vision

2x infrared lED

Lens angle


Storage Capacity

Semiconductor fingerprint + password + card   100pcs

Unlock methods

Card, password, fingerprinit, App

fingerprint , password

100 pcs, Free choice

Fingerprint image entry time

<0.5 second



Rejection rate


Search time

<1.0 second

Search time


Working humidity


Quiescent Current

Less than 30uA

Service life

100 Million times

Continuous trouble-free working time

Over 25000 hours

Multi-system operation

You can set a single permission unlock, or you can choose the security mode, that is, multiple permission confirmation unlock

Illegal door opening alarm

Key opening or universal key opening will be on-site alarm, locking and APP remote alarm

Standard APP Remote control function

1. Through Mobile App with watchdog remote interactive call

2. can snapshots picture and recording video

3. Interact lock:

3.1.Open the door remotely via mobile App

3.2 Open door record, error operation record, mechanical key alarm record upload, can be queried through mobile phone APP;

3.3 Through mobile APP Open the door lock remote password

4. Have night vision mode

5. Optical camera combined with electronic camera

6. The photos of the push notification snapped are automatically uploaded to the cloud server, cloud server is covered in 7 ayds, As long as you view the photos of the push notifications on your mobile phone,  its be automatically saved on your mobile phone. You can always store them in your mobile phone, if without deleting them manually.

Anti-peeping password

When the password used, Can be added before and after garbled, avoiding voyeurism, leading to password leakage

Unlock recording

200 cycles,Save the last 200 records

Power supply

Watchdog battery: 5000mahlithium battery, around 6months charge once time

Four No5 batteries, can open 8000 times, around 12-18months use time

Operating voltage range


Emergency power supply

9V emergency power supply interface, voltage range 6~9V (AC and DC)

Appearance structure

Adopt international standard, 240*24 (mm) with heaven and earth bolt stainless steel Lock cylinder,Safe and reliable, the door lock body is made of zinc alloy material, which is sturdy and durable; the surface is treated with advanced electroplating technology, the color is pleasing to the eye, anti-corrosion and long life.

Lock body dimension

Outdoor lock body:: L 368mm x W78mm x H75mm(thick)

Indoor lock body: L355mm x W86mm x H82mm(thick)

Applicable door type

Wooden door, security door, copper door

Suitable for door thickness


Lock cylinder & body