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Knob lock

TOTAL ACCESS CONTROL — Grant access through programmable keypad passcodes or eKeys through the app. With over a million possible code combinations, your passcode is virtually impossible to guess.
PASSCODE DISGUISE — Our unique feature protects your passcode from prying eyes. Key in up to 12 extra digits before, after or around your real code. So long as the correct code sequence is entered, the AAT-BT-4K unlock.
  BACKUP POWER & KEYS — The AAT-BT-4K  will last up to 365 days of regular use with just four AAA batteries. Power can be supplied from the micro USB port in the case of dead batteries. Two physical keys are also included in case of emergencies.
EASY INSTALLATION — Our deadknob-style electronic lock comes with all the tools needed to easily retrofit on most standard doors with 2 ⅜-inch to 2 ¾-inch backsets.
 GOLD STANDARD SERVICE — Every AL ASAR Lock digital door lock is backed by a one-year limited warranty. Our expert customer service team is fully staffed available via live-chat, email and phone support.

Product Features

The latest internal motor drive is more energy-saving and energy-saving. It is suitable for office, home and apartment. It is more convenient to replace the original knob lock. No need to change door or repunch hole . can be directly replaced, easy to operate.

1. The password is unlocked and is suitable for people of all ages.

2. Easy to install, suitable for non-professional installation

3. The original old spherical door hole can be fully utilized during installation without additional opening

4. Can set the green channel function

5. Battery low voltage alarm function

6. External emergency power supply unlock function

7. With a vacant structure to prevent damage     

Product Parameter

Item Name

APP Smart Digital Door Lock

Unlock Ways

Bluetooth APP, , Password, RF card ,Mechanical Key  

Colors Available


Application Places

Residential, Apartment, Home, Office, Airbnb

APP System

Android 4.3 / IOS 7.0 above

emergency power supply


Door Thickness


Door Type

Wooden door, security doors. Ect

Working Temperature


Working Humidity



6V(3pcs No.7AA Battery)

Working current


Standby current


Low Voltage Warning

Below 3.6V

Battery Duration

Support 10,000 Times of Lock & Unlock Operation

Data Capacity



English, Chinese


Aluminium alloy

installation time

Old-fashioned knob-type door lock modification time <5 minutes

Aluminium alloy material special structure desgin

Delicate appearance and sensitive key board input

Support mess code, peeping prevention function

Standard signle latch, lift the handle can be locked

Suitablefor hotel, school, apartment ect.

User capacity:200 cards +30 passwords

Download APP ,Chinese – English shift

According to customer demanda to delete/add/change password or remote control

Low voltage prompt function.