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Bluetooth Cable Lock  

Your bike’s security with this dynamic blend of heavy-duty steel and Bluetooth® action with AL ASAR LOCK AAT-BL3-C cable Lock!

Item Name

APP Smart Digital cable Lock

Unlock Ways

Bluetooth APP, , Password, Key, E-key

Colors Available


APP System

Android, IOS



Wire length

80cm,  cable diameter:1cm

Working Temperature


Working Humidity



2AA Batteries

Working current


Standby current


Low Voltage Warning

Below 2.4V

Waterproof Level


Battery  life

8 months

Data Capacity



English, Chinese

Tired of constantly misplacing your keys and checking if your bike chain is still intact? Your worries end here! Lock down your bike the smart way with AL ASAR LOCK’S specially designed AAT-BL3-C Keyless Bike Lock!
With this Bluetooth bicycle lock, your smartphone is your key. Simply download the AL ASAR LOCK app on your iOS or Android device for quick and easy mobile access. With the app, grant e-keys to friends who are borrowing your security lock, unlock your bicycle within a 33 ft. radius, and keep track of recent user activity. This is the best bike lock to share with friends and family on any occasion!
The bike lock features a volatile thermoplastic casing and steel wire chain to protect your valuable ride amidst busy cities with high volumes of bike theft. The AAT-BL3-C is rated IP65 for its resilience to water and dirt to keep your bicycle secured through rain or shine.
Daily use of the AAT-BL3-C guarantees up to 6 months of quality protection. Whether your bike is left at home during holiday or temporarily stowed away, you can switch your security lock to standby mode to last up to 9 months of activity. This smart bike lock conveniently sends you low battery alerts via mobile app to notify you on when it’s finally time to replace its batteries.
Become the ultimate key master and boost your defenses now with the AL ASAR LOCK Bluetooth® AAT-BL3-C Keyless Bike Lock!
App Compatibility
Connect your iPhone or Android device to the AL ASAR LOCK app via Bluetooth® to track user history, distribute passcodes, grant access, and remotely unlock your bicycle.
Manage User Access
Effortlessly create passcodes and send e-keys to those you trust for permanent or temporary access straight from the AL ASAR LOCK app!
Resilient Material
Keep thieves and natural elements from infiltrating your bike security with the bicycle lock’s steel cable and IP65 rating to combat dust and water.
Long-Lasting Charge
Select standby mode to acquire up to 9 months of activity or proceed with its normal mode to last up to 6 months. This smart bike lock issues low battery alerts via app to keep you updated on battery life.
Switch to Mute Mode
Toggle your bike lock’s keypad sounds on or off straight from the keypad itself to optimize your security or give yourself some extra peace of mind.